Monday, February 25, 2013


Intrepid was a video game that was made for the Vertical Slice project at the Florida Interactive entertainment Academy. It is a puzzle game made in the Havok Vision engine.  The main characters are an adventurous young girl named Jesse, and her protector, a corgi dog named Tank. Intrepid was set in a cave that has the remnants of an ancient civilization with in it. That is where I come in. I was the environmental artist for the game. The following are my 3d contributions.  and Nisa Martinez.

The Temple

The Temple model, UVs, were done by me. (Include a screen shoot of Textures (Color  and Spec)
The texture was mine for the most part too, although Nisa Martinez provided the tile able rock texture that was used as a base for the stone parts.

I created the model with Maya 2013 and the texture with Photoshop.

This description is true of the models and textures for all the Intrepid models here unless indicated otherwise.

The temple was meant to serve as another clue to the ancient culture that was supposed to have populated the Intrepid cave. Not much was talked about what might have gone on here, but, like most temples there must have been some kind of ritual worship. The temple was very much influenced by oriental design. There was also a water trough cut out of the roof were water would collect, then pour into the cavities going horizontally along the roof sections, and off the side of the front and back. The curling of the roof ends reflects the wave like design that is common to other cultural pieces in the cave. This reflects an overall theme based in water. This ancient civilization was to have used water to power their cultural technology, only to have it destroy them in the end.

I also made the temple orthographic drawing for purposes of modeling.

The concept that I worked from was painted in Photoshop by Ryoma Tazi

The Temple Floor Seal

The Temple Floor Seal design was meant to continue in the water theme. Also included in the middle of the seal is a Triangular Jade piece which was meant to serve as decoration and keys for the various puzzles that were in Intrepid. The jade was inspired by the oriental design.

The floors seal was modeled with the aid of an orthographic 
drawing provided by Intrepid’s art lead, Jacob Hemphill.

Temple wall parts

The Temple Wall parts Texture was made by Andrew Yribarren. 
This wall was made to be modular, so it could be repeated around the Temple area. There is another symbol on the large wall section that continues the previously mentioned theme. There is also a trough cut into the top of the large wall section and a hole through the section with a roof. Water is meant to pour through these areas of the wall and out the spout piece at the end.

The orthographic drawing was made by Jacob.

 The Gate

This was also textured by Nisa and slightly revised by me.
This was the first barrier in the cave that needed two jade keys to fully solve. The central symbol of the gate echoes the water theme.

The orthographic drawing was made by Jacob.lantern

The Bridge

This was used in the second puzzle area of the cave. When Jesse and Tank crosses it, this would fall, leaving them in a pit. Jesse has to lift tank out, and Tank has to collapse the other bridge part on the other side so that it becomes a ramp. This was also used in the last puzzle to create a series of connection switches, which Jesse and Tank would have to navigate. 

The Lantern

The lantern was textured by Nisa Martinez.
This was placed throughout the cave to decorate and indicate points of travel through the level.  There is a green glow emanating from a jade stone inside the lantern. The lantern reflects the oriental design as well.

The orthographic drawing was made by Jacob.

The Dogu

This figure again reflected oriental design, and fit into the water them with its nice rounded, curving shape. The Dogu or Golem was meant to be the antagonist of the game, making it difficult to progress through puzzles, and eventually becoming the boss at the end of the game.

The orthographic drawings were made by Nisa.

The cave pieces

The cave pieces were also textured by Nisa.
There were several cave pieces created for Intrepid. I modeled two large wall pillars, six smaller columns, nine spikes, and many small rocks. 

The concept drawings were made by Jacob.

Kelp Variations

The different kelp plants decorated the Intrepid cave near and in water pools. They were modeled using actual kelp as a reference source. They were made to have glowing orbs in order to emphasize the magical feeling of the cave. Some of the kelp were 3d models with cards for leaves and some were complete cards. I did this in order to conserve resources. In the game engine, the more complex kelp models were put in areas that the player would be close to,  and, in far areas that the player could only see from one angle, the complete card kelp would be placed.

Intrepid Prefabs

By using these prefabs, the producers were able to quickly lay out a level, while I started to create more developed models