Z Brush Sculpts

Z Brush is so fun! It is like sculpting with clay in the computer. I first got a taste of sculpting while completing some art classes at Kent State, Ohio. I loved it then. I would always try to make impossible, crazy things! It seems that I can make them all the easier in Z brush. 

Post Apocalypse Environment

I made the building and the water tower with mess inserts, and reverse inserts. I made the car and road pieces in maya, and turned them into a custom mesh insert. I made the environment out of an expanded piece of road, and a lot of curves for the vines and trees. It was a lot of fun and a lot of work.

Mesh Inserts

These are mesh, but you can use them like brushes to layer new geos on top of your current working mesh.


Gnome Town

This little village is on top of a tree lee, which is something like an ent but has rocks meshed in with its tree parts…and a gnome village on its back tree thing. Gnome Town was made in an effort to understand mess inserts better. I ended up creating four custom mess inserts; the gnome home, gnome factory, tree smoke stacks (a little dangerous – but the gnomes are magical, so they probably have a protection spell or something), and the gnomes of course.

Devil Dude 2.0

Devil Dude 2.0 was created using the Z spheres to first create the base body. I also created a gnome in with the same Z sphere set. 

Alien Robo-Borg

This creature was made with an emphasis on the polish tools. The results of the Hpolish tool can be seen in the robo-head part and in many of the other hard edged forms throughout.


I made this little guy with a variety of brushes, but primarily because I wanted to show of my custom brush (circle_bump). He has for faces, go figure. I have a fascination with multiple faces ever since that guy on He-man the spun his head from face to face.


This fun little guy was made primarily with the standard brush. I use the standard brush make lines around a ball of dino mesh and eventually found a face. I continued to us the standard brush to emphasize the features that I saw emerging.

Turkey Monster
This creature was made primarily with the mask tool. I started with a ball of dino mesh and I masked out a bunch of circles and connected them with lines. You can see this pattern most prominently in the s shape tail like antenna thing on the top.

Dragon Beatle

This is a creature that I made primarily using the move tool and the clay tube tool. The move tool can most evidently be seen in the many spikey protrusions, and the clay tubes tool was used for the buildup and striations in areas like the legs and the dragon neck/tail. 

Brain Whale

The Brain Whale was made in mind to demonstrate the Dam standard bush. This can be seen most prominently in the brain face area, and on the trunk section.

Shadow Box

This show a small thumbnail of the ghosted model in shadow box mode, which develops models base on how you add or cut into the shadow projected on the shadow box. The larger model to the right shows what I modified to that model using the different mask tool features and the transpose tool.


This shows how I used the pose-able mannequin in Zbrush, can be used to make a modified humanoid form.  I used the mask, transpose, and inflate tool to modify the mannequin model further. 

Custom Brush

This is the custom brush that I created. It effectively gives a bumpy surface to models.

Trim tool

This shows the flattening effects that the trim tool has. I used it to help separate surfaces on my model. I found that the trim append brush also makes a kind of line hatching that can be used for scales or possibly abdominal muscles.

These are a series of high ress models hat I made to bake out normal maps for my low res meshes

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