Intrepid concept art

Dogu Temple

This was inspired by the Japanese Dogu statue, which directly inspired the looming presence at the end of Intrepid.

Cat Temple concept

This was the first incarnation of what was to become the Intrepid’s looming presence. It was inspired by the Japanese Lucky Cat.

Crystal Cave Concept

This was an early concept of what the Intrepid cave might look like. I was inspired by the Spider caves in the video game, Jak and Dexter. All concepts were painted in Photoshop.

Prefab Concept sketches

These are sketches of some of the prefabs that I made for the Producer of Intrepid.


Pitch Jumper Concept

Red Level concept

This is the concept I make for the Pitch Jumper level. It was inspired by concepts from Rayman Origins and the concept of the Red Muse by Jen. This concept inspired the pipe shapes and the flower shape in the red level. 

Platform and Spike concepts

These were concepts that didn’t inspire anything in the game, but were loads of fun to make. Some of the machine parts were inspired by the artic level in Gauntlet: Dark Legacy.

Instrumonster concepts

These were to be the enemy characters in Pitch Jumper. They were to be broken instruments that Koda would have to restore music.


These were early concepts for Pitch Jumper Avatars.

This was the first incarnation of Pitch Jumper's Red Level without Jen's paint over. Originally this level was to embody heavy metal themed music.

This was a possible second level for Pitch Jumper. This was to be the Jazz themed level.

This was another level possibility in the early stages of concepting for Pitch Jumper. It was to be a pop themed level.

This was the last of the early levels to be concepted. It was to be a country music themed level.

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