Escherreal work

Escherreal works

This is my first official model for Escherreal! Yay!

These are the models that I made inside of Maya.

These are the alligator textures that I made. This includes a color, spec, and normal map.

These are the fountain textures that I made. This includes a color, spec, and normal map.

This is a garden that is meant to be on top of a building. It is also the first puzzle that the player encounters, and will act as an introduction to the mirror shard's ability to flip gravity to the player.  They start out at the door. Once the gravity is flipped in this area they can use the hedges, the sundial, and fences as platforms to the gate on the other end.

The garden stone are a visual indicator of the path that the player is to follow. However the player has to flip gravity in order to get over the hedges.

This is where the player starts out.

This is the center piece of the garden, and it will serve as a platform as well.

The goal is leave through the garden gate.

These are the textures I used for the Garden. allot of them are tiling, the none tiling one is the largest at 1024X1024.

The final environment came out at about 27000 polies, but could be lower to 15000 if the twig leaves and path stones were some incorporated into a texture.

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