3d-Pitch Jumper

Pitch Jumper is a mobile platforming game that is powered by the player’s music. It is set in an imaginative world where the main character, a little creature named Koda, has to collect musical notes in order to restore the muse ruler of each level.  Again, I was the environmental artist for this game. However, I didn't make any textures for Pitch Jumper because they were painted in 2D form by Jen Melnick, the art lead for the game. The rainbow gradient is not true to game, it is just for thematic display purposes on my blog.


This is a Caterpillar that was modeled using a toy that Jen Melnick had at her desk as a guideline.

Flower and grass pipes

These pieces were made from concept drawings done by Jen.

The Hive

These pieces are variations for the hive, which the fly like enemies in the red level live.


The pipes and pipe variations, including the Trumpet Columns are a framing structure for the red level.


These are several different gear designs that were inspired by a flower shape in my red level concept piece.

Gear Platforms

These were among the original platforms that Koda would navigate. They were a derivative of the gears.

Spike creatures

These populate the red level as hazards/platforms for Koda to navigate around. They were made by using concept sketched from Jen.

Flower platforms

These serve as decorations throughout the red level. The flower platforms evolved from a concept sketch by Jen.


These pieces populate the platforms that are in the foreground of the red level.


These are wave shapes meant to reflect the organic feel of the level. They were made by using concept sketches from Jen.

Furnace pieces

The accordion, apple, pineapple, and cherry furnace were created in the theme of the pipe structures that can be found throughout the red level, most notably in the trumpet stalks.

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