lighting Cave click on the link for a runthrough in UDK

What is the piece, and the desired outcome?

This pieces main purpose was to show good lighting in a video game setting.
I am using UDK for my level.
I have about another week to work on it.

I am sure my lighting is far from perfect, so if you have any advice on how I might better capture the lighting in the reference image or push it further, please give it.

What I want to be improved?

1.the lighting

If there is any technique that you think I should look into or anything reference that might help me figure out how to light my level, please pass it on. more accurately make the rock formations from the reference image.

Any rock construction techniques in zbrush or maya that could help me get the look of the reff, please pass it on. improve the quality of the trunks for the trees

Any good examples of vegetation in game or construction techniques, please pass it on. improve the overall impact of the level

Any advice that you think might help me improve this level.

Thanks for lookingJ and please advise if you haven’t

Valerian skaaj

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